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For #StartWriteNow:
The Chef ParadeLei Yue Mun 2013
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By Hugo Hoffman for #StartWriteNow

A multimedia piece titled ‘Dizzy Trophy Room”, The characters, (painted in gouache on top of an old magazine advertisement) play off of symbols of alcohol, and alcohol abuse, as well as incorporating the idea of a “Trophy room”.
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A poem about West Haven Beach (by Nico A. Clarke at age 14) for #StartWriteNow
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"One day your life will flash before your eyes…"
Josh Jacobs for #StartWriteNow
Fairly Fairy ~ K.Ladika 2013 (imgeniousconceptions) for #StartWriteNow
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We Are Safe by Taylor Leong (tomato-bird) for #StartWriteNow
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And be sure to submit to the 2014 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, open now!
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By lensoftruthandfantasy for #StartWriteNow:
"Take the time to observe and perhaps nature will reveal herself!"
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awash, a waste

A beautiful poem submitted for #StartWriteNow (share your poems too on our submit page):

Sometimes i am achingly, mind-numbingly, finger-tinglingly, heart-stoppingly, gigglingly aware of how in love i am. i feel her breathing under my skin, on my tongue; she swims through my hair and down my arms and i get her blushes tangled up around my feet. i hear her singing in my sleep and laughing every time i wake up. she is not just touching my hand with her hand, my nose with her nose, hip to hip when we curl up like kittens, but she’s reaching inside all the twisted ivy i have growing through my heartstrings, and she’s plucking them oh-so carefully, tuning me, stitching together my wounds, making new pottery out of my broken pieces. she is a prehistoric gem, a great archeological find buried under an eternity of inadequacy; her beauty will sink more ships than Helen’s eyes could ever dream of. 

i am awash, a waste; i am blessed and blasphemous against her lips

(even the sky cries so hard when you leave, even the sun
forgets its place and stutters out an apology to this part of the earth
for taking you from me)

© 2013 Linette Reeman

Orangez by aklar105 for #StartWriteNow 
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"Untitled #16" by avanillaview for #StartWriteNow
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Art credit: Rachael Trout, 2013 Scholastic Awards Gold Medal and American Visions Award winner for Sculpture