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John Baldessari -External Stimuli 

Mural by Edward Sorel at The Waverly Inn, completed in 2007. From left to right: Eddie Condon, Donald Barthelme, Willa Cather, Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney, Jane Jacobs, John Sloan, Andy Warhol. Read more.

The New Yorker, December 16, 1996, Edward Sorel.

"Your room is not your prison. You are."

- Sylvia Plath, The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath. (via wordsnquotes)

(Source: wordsnquotes, via wordsnquotes)


Sculpture by Tom Otterness

Andy Warhol 

Just start. No matter how hard. No matter how bad. Just start. Move on

BIG ideas… Where do they come from? How do they start? How do you take a big idea and begin to turn it into something tangible? This summer we have asked recent alums to talk to you about their big ideas and how inspiration, process and creativity take their big ideas to the next level!

Seth Boyden was a 2011 Portfolio Gold Medalist in art and now works for Disney and attends the California Institute of the Arts. Above, Seth talks about his inspiration, creative process, current projects, and more!  Read More


my prose poem

on writing poems


i steal away phrases from my mother’s gray hair.
drawing similes out of midair, i am the magician and my poem is the rabbit fresh out of the hat.

the time has come for the final trick.

god dictates while i scribble, and
every line feels holy like
they have taken the alphabet
and dipped it in wine.

words creep up my neck like spiders
in the night time
all i can do is hope for one to bite.


Alex Springer Photo

Great shot by Thomas Dang Vu. Congrats Steven Paul #AWawards #alwayshandpaint @colossalmedia (at Williamsburg Bridge)

Lost Time
Scholastic Awards & Colossal Media massive, hand-painted mural of high school senior and 2014 Gold Medalist Steven Paul’s photograph, “Lost Time.” (Williamsburg, Brooklyn)
More photos: Street Art, Colossal Media

My work made the front page of the Scholastics art and Writing website! #awesome 
Original here

Nbc nightly news! Cool little story about the #scholastic mural. #awawards #alwayshandpaint @colossalmedia (at Williamsburg, Brooklyn)