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Why should teens submit to the Awards? We want to hear your opinion!

Are you a student, alum, educator, parent or Awards enthusiast? Tell us why you think teens should submit to the Scholastic Awards! Send us a video, an Instagram photo, Vine, or a Tweet. A selection of media posts will be featured on our website!

Steven Paul receives his public proclamation at the site of his six-story-tall public mural featuring his Gold Medal photograph Lost Time.
Left to right: Jumaane D. Williams, New York City District 45 Council Member; Donna Pual, Steven’s mother; Steven Paul; Stephen Levin, New York City District 33 Council Member; and Virginia McEnerney, Executive Director, Alliance for Young Artists & Writers.

this is my friend!! my friend was onstage at carnegie hall!!! i love my friend!

TBT: The time I won a #Scholastic Gold Key Award for my #art in 8th grade. That was my first award on the national level. #childhood #bnw #hondo #texas #artist



Nine different photos of people who captured my attention. Taken in 2011 and submitted to the Boston Globe Scholastic Arts competition…(earning me a Gold Key for my portfolio)

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Hi, my name is Adam. While I wouldn’t call myself a photographer, I enjoy taking photos in my free time or on trips. I like to take simple pictures of animals, especially reptiles. I do a lot of macro, however, I don’t really have a set style. 
The above photo won a “gold key” in the Colorado state Scholastic Art and Writing Awards about a year ago.
Check out my Tumblr for all of my photography:
Green Cat by Andy Warhol @ 1956

At-home 3-D printer can make items out of used plastic bottles

The new Ekocycle Cube 3D Printer from Cubify, which uses filament cartridges produced from three recycled 20 oz. PET plastic bottles, will cost around $1,200 and come out later this year on Cubify. The material supposedly has the durability of standard 3-D printer filament. And it’s made by, 3D Systems’ chief creative officer, so that’s fun too.

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Loretta Lopez: THE BIG IDEA from Alliance for Young Artists & Wri on Vimeo.

Today we bring you the second installment of THE BIG IDEA with writer and alum Loretta Lopez! Loretta, a Guadalajara native, was a 2010 Gold Medal Writing Portfolio recipient and the editor of The Best Teen Writing of 2013. Currently residing in Austin, TX, watch the video above to hear this young alum talk about her inspiration, current projects and a sometimes collaborative creative process!

You can also take a look at Loretta’s tips for staying cool and creative in the summer months HERE!

"No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world."

- Robin Williams (via purplebuddhaproject)

Special Opportunity For Alumni: The Art.Write.Now Pop-up!

Performance artists, poets, digital sculptors, biotechnologists, writers – alumni working in any genre – we want to invite you to apply to the Art.Write.Now POP-UP! A week-long residency, the pop-up will feature one Scholastic Awards alum creating work in the main Scholastic Store display window.

"Art is what you can get away with."


- Andy Warhol

Happy Birthday to Andy Warhol! 

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"The idea of waiting for something makes it more exciting."

- Andy Warhol (via tini21)